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The Weapon of Forgiveness covers ten very important topics that will change and revolutionize your life. Covering topics such as forgiveness, the power of your tongue, and the power of reconciliation, this book will guide you on your own path to forgiveness and freedom from guilt.

The power and anointing of God revealed in the discussion of these topics will set you on a path to your breakthrough and victory--a victory that begins with forgiveness.

About the Author:

Dr. Kazumba Charles is a powerful Bible teacher, Evangelist, conference speaker, Minister of the Word, and the founder of Christ Passion Evangelistic Ministries. His ministry works with pastors and churches around the world in training and equipping men and women of God for passionate evangelistic work and local outreaches, as well as to spark the fire of God in the lives of believers in Christ.
God has also gifted Dr. Kazumba with a unique ability to reach diverse groups of people with the power of the Word of God. His burning desire is to reach millions of people for Jesus Christ and to empower and develop a new generation of anointed, passionate, loving, caring, and devoted men and women of God.

The Weapon Of Forgiveness

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